nterpretation of O2O’s three new models of online and offline integration of non group patent

in June last year, "O2O" (online and offline integration) as a new business model in China, the first group purchase enterprises mentioned in a long time, it was even as the group purchase mode. However, with the gradual development of the integration of online and offline gradually improved, the presence of O2O also showed a trend of diversification. Warm and romantic, O2O is actually a combination of virtual and reality. In this way the true mingled with the false, the enterprise online and offline business is quietly changing.

virtual supermarket:

fake supermarket really shopping

days ago, is WAL-MART holding B2C mall store No. 1, launched new "unlimited Shop No. 1" virtual line store. Open the App mobile phone and go to the designated place, it is an empty square in a virtual store, consumers go to the corresponding commodity shelf before clicking, you can view product details, the future may also buy. This is known as super modern shopping way suddenly attracted a lot of people’s eyes.

1 shop chairman Yu Gang said earlier, its biggest feature is to move the e-commerce line, and fully combine the advantages of traditional retail and e-commerce. Customers can fully enjoy the fun of ‘shopping around’, but also to enjoy one-stop shopping, convenient and affordable, home delivery and other e-commerce convenience."

although the first-class technology, advanced mode, but let the "unlimited Shop No. 1" doubtful point is that people are still on the "supermarket" have fun? Japan’s Ito Yokado (Chinese) executive director of investment limited company three branch Tomihiro told reporters that a few years ago, the supermarket can be regarded as a recreation and leisure China family, but with the increasingly fast pace of life, the supermarket, buy the necessities of life has gradually become a burden.

although the "unlimited 1 shop" is like "pocket Shop No. 1" the use of online payment methods, compared with the real supermarket without going through the queue, but the shopping mode is neither ability to walk and charge flow whether can continue to develop, but also need to look at how to "shop No. 1 unlimited Shop No. 1" L, given its high value business model.

shopping sign:

really shopping fake collar money

and infinite 1 shop model is just the opposite, some Internet companies began to study how to make consumers through virtual means to the physical store shopping. The day before the reporter was informed that in April this year, officially launched the shopping application "fun fair" and meet many shopping malls and supermarkets to achieve cooperation, and has quite favored capital.

according to reports, consumers in the installation of this App, when shopping in the region to cooperate within the business, will automatically sign, get virtual rewards, and get personalized discount information or goods push information. Insiders believe that this customized marketing approach for the brand or retailer to maintain VIP customers". In the future, mobile phone sign in and market membership card

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