Giants have the layout of the wages of financial hardship forced workers to raise the fire of hope

recently, the focus of the topic "Sohu focus released: are you satisfied with your salary?" survey, Guangzhou friends of individual job satisfaction continues to decline, "not satisfied" of the proportion of the population reached 67%, this part of the crowd that wages rise too slow. The data show that in the raise in this one, 47% of respondents said they had only gone up a salary, or even a crowd of 13% did not rise too. However, wages did not rise, the social pressure of the workers who work is growing.

A maximum pressure of

is of course China from rising prices pressure, now the gens going to work in order to buy a house of their own deep in the North City, even if not to eat or drink, quite a few people at least to strive sanwushinian. We can’t afford to buy a house, many people even can’t afford the rent in Beijing, such as Shanghai first-tier cities, rent a small Liangju, no four thousand or five thousand yuan did not get down. Quite a few people a month’s wages only able to rent a house in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen City, everywhere can live, every month are moonlight clan.

with the rise in prices, other material consumption is rising. Especially for many of the family conditions are not wealthy young people, finally admitted to a good university, from marriage, home life stress had weighed them down, rising wage rate has been far behind the price price increases.

to pay has become a major problem of life across the country generally facing the working people, put money in the bank, money is only the devaluation of current interest, now almost negligible, regular interest a year less than 2%; and put money into stocks, the risk at any time may be for naught, in China retail stock market, basically it is difficult to make money. For the work of the people, the emergence of the Internet Financial wages and financial management, and finally lit up their hopes of rising wages. As a result, some internet financial giants have also launched their own work for the families of the financial increase plan.

balance treasure flagship more flexible salary increase

balance treasure from the day of birth, the ants will serve as a grassroots financial artifact. After they had launched the "you pay 7% of the balance of treasure users exclusive rights – Finance and insurance, and in a few minutes by the user" looted ", which shows the user urgent need for high yield financial raise. The balance of treasure just launched on the occasion, it is with a higher income has become a large number of grassroots grassroots pursuit of objects. Of course, since with the balance of treasure revenue plummeted, some users have begun to escape from the balance of treasure, but the balance of treasure is still an important channel for some workers choose to pay.

on the one hand, the balance of treasure despite the interest is not high, but at least a year higher than the bank’s interest rate to a high point. The most important thing is that the balance of treasure can be taken with the use, at any time to be able to mention to many bank cards, general 2 hours can be credited.


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