After 80 college students do porn was arrested may be jailed for 10 years

Asian Heart Network (reporter Wang Jingjing correspondent Chen Feng Guo Xiaolin reports) 2008, 29 year old Jin Xuan (a pseudonym) married. After graduating from a turbulent year, he chose to stick to love, with his girlfriend came to work in Tacheng from Nanjing. Both husband and wife in a local public hospital as a doctor, in addition to work, Jin Xuan returned to the regular site advertising page, additional income of seventy thousand yuan, the day is not worse than the students in Nanjing.

May 13th, Xinjiang Public Security Bureau, Tacheng District of Tacheng City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade, seized two sets of computer mainframe box opened for porn sites. Map provided by the Tacheng Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation brigade.

mapping Chen Feng

this quiet and beautiful day, but in May 13, 2009 drew a full stop.

this day, Jin Xuangang ready to go out, was near the home of Xinjiang City, Tacheng Police Brigade police arrested. Because he opened two pornographic websites, released 800 pornographic videos, more than 3 tons of pornographic pictures, less than a month’s time, there are around the world to log on to watch the about 500000 computers, hits reached 6 million times.

Joint investigation Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau, Tacheng District of Tacheng city

detection of the case, in the case of Tacheng City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police Wei Xindong said: "we rarely encountered such gentle, Jin Xuan criminals, cultural quality is high, we are sorry for him."

newly married family economic distress

Jin Xuan captured his home, distance Tacheng City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade of less than 200 meters, just across the way and the couple have been working in the hospital, just completed not long village, a light green wall building is particularly conspicuous.

June 25th, the reporter knocked on the door of the house of Jin Xuan, his wife Mandy (a pseudonym) wearing pajamas out from the study, that reporters had come, she was rejected. "I knew him will have the media to report, if the report, he will also do life, his parents know how to do?" said mandy.

Jin Xuan’s 80 square meters room, white walls, new furniture, dining room walls hung with yellow Impressionist paintings, all show that this young couple love concise fashion style. Mandy’s parents have moved in with his daughter, Mandy and heard a talk with reporters, Mandy’s father turned off the TV on the sofa, and Xiaomin mother silently bowed his head into the kitchen, the family atmosphere suddenly become dull.

Jin Xuan was born in 1980, graduated from a medical school in Nanjing in 2007. He is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, in the hospital during the internship, the same understanding of medicine of Xinjiang Tacheng girl Mandy, graduated, he also wanted to stay in Nanjing parents, but in the end, he chose to follow the girl, from Nanjing to Tacheng.

at the beginning, two people are working in our hospital, Jin Xuan wages of $800 a month, from the big city to the children, the cost is certainly more, the tension in the hand, he wanted to