The evolution of the nternet the 20 anniversary of the birth of the nternet

we use the Internet every day, the Internet every day with us. Able to use a theory to accommodate all of the Internet in addition to the American Chris · the long tail of the theory of Anderson, only the evolution of China’s internet.

Plo Michel J created man, man created the internet.

1 has a behavior called evolution

all living things on the earth will evolve according to the changes of the earth’s environment, can not adapt to the demise of the survival of adaptation, and even the evolution of the rulers of the world. Human beings are lucky, because the evolution of the brain, and therefore became king. Moment, the Internet continues to mass information storage, massive information computing, the formation of the so-called big data and cloud computing. Perhaps in the near future, the Internet will become a common brain of the human brain, there is no guarantee that this will become the leader of the human society. This is part of a period of time before the release of the film "transcendental hacker" inside, this is not science fiction, but five years later, the Internet can predict the trend. Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent robot, Home Furnishing, so as to promote stem cell regeneration, nanotechnology, bio chemical technology and a series of the brain develops rapidly. However humans are greedy, every time the progress of science and technology will be accompanied by wars and killings, this time human technology has the opportunity to become a higher organism, eroding all sectors of human beings, every industry and mutate into new species, just like the movie "alien". Every industry in mutation, than the original system become more efficient and intelligent, so we work and life become more mechanized, and perception of nature will gradually disappear and become intelligent system of the whole Internet under the bottom of the slave, in the service of a powerful creature.

2 at the beginning of the evil

is created by human beings, the Internet this creature, at the beginning of birth is full of evil wisdom. It makes use of the human group and communication, completes the point to point connection, but also the evolution of the human population does not have the center of the starfish model. Then began a little by the human brain to improve their own civilization, of course, in order to better absorption of human civilization, the evolution of the three basic desires, the human species group: appetite, libido and spirit.

2.1 appetite precipitation

A large amount of

information of precipitation, make the Internet the monster grow quickly, every human should find information from these precipitation information available to them, in order to facilitate the search, the search engine has evolved, because the search for information is the basic demand of the Internet, as the appetite in general, who need Baidu and Google halo. Only to meet the effective output information, will have further information feedback input. So there is no search, there is no further evolution of the Internet, of course, early portals and navigation sites have the same effect.