15 years, the Tencent is how to step by step on the throne of the king of innovation

"Forbes" in 2011, Tencent’s global innovation ability of fourth, beyond apple and Google, how to understand?

, the famous American financial magazine "Forbes this morning" selected the world’s 100 most innovative companies list, the United States to provide a customer relationship management software and services for the enterprise website http://s.salesforce.com beyond the Amazon, apple and other famous enterprises ranked first.

Tencent is how to step by step through the innovation of the throne of the king


any leading enterprises in the technology industry, the biggest competitiveness is bound to innovation, once the loss of this ability, failure will be inevitable.


has expressed disdain for the Tencent’s innovation ability, Tencent not only copy of


if you only see these, I can only tell you sneer at three times, ask:

was born in a wilderness, no father, no care of the party, no water nourishes the enterprise of Qinghua University, what magic do the market value of billions of dollars in fifteen years, as four of the size of the bank, in the semi-finals of the global Internet? If plagiarism can be done, why don’t you go to the copy of


well, nonsense not to say, let us turn back the clock 15 years ago, look at the road of innovation Tencent.

1, QQ is how to beat ICQ?

1996, ICQ was born, instantly swept the world, by the time of 1998, this software has monopolized China’s instant messaging market. In this year, ICQ married into the rich and powerful, becoming the largest Internet Group in the United States, AOL’s assets, money, popularity, status can not be shaken.

1999, QQ launched, only two employees, is the founder of Ma Huateng and Zhang Zhidong, dwelling in a house in Shenzhen, his research into half the time.

this time the QQ is still very rough, but the Chinese interface makes QQ quickly attracted the attention of the market. If only the case, QQ can not get success later, because this time the market have been the birth of a number of different types of communication software: PICQ, TICQ, GICQ, Sina, YAHOO messenger paging……

QQ with a series of innovative technology, quickly in the same type of deus ex –


first, ICQ all the information stored in the user terminal, once the user login for the computer, former friends disappear, while the QQ user data stored in the cloud server, in any terminal can log on to chat.

secondly, ICQ can only chat online when friends. QQ first offline messaging function, stealth login function, you can choose to chat, you can have their own personalized avatar.