Baidu hundred advertising paid mode impact technology blog site

[introduction] hundreds of Baidu launched only half a month, has been involved in hundreds of Baidu columnist for the monthly income of over a million.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 3rd

a number of industry sources, Baidu hundred on-line half a month, has been involved in Baidu’s hundreds of columns income.

Baidu hundreds of operation mode, the author published articles in hundreds of Baidu, Baidu will flow into, and Baidu alliance advertisers and brand customers into the page, the advertising revenue generated by the 100% return to the author.

a person in charge of the portal website revealed that Baidu hundred on-line soon, every day PV is at least 2 million to 3 million, the bottom page has a total of 9 ads. CPM advertising to calculate the cost of a hundred dollars a day Baidu up to 100 thousand dollars, the money will be allocated to the columnist’s head, the psychological impact of the column should not be underestimated.

Baidu hundred will also introduce brand advertising, including targeted delivery, to determine the launch of a particular author, the field of investment. This makes Baidu one of the top author has a very good incentive, but also has a long tail effect.

current Baidu is mainly concentrated in the field of science and technology, some of the technology industry has been active since the media settled. Baidu official in charge of the news interview with Tencent technology, said the current hot from the media, we are doing, Baidu must also be involved in this market. Baidu will not require starting from the media in the Baidu one hundred, does not require exclusive, but to provide a platform to display content from the media.

pointed out above, hundreds of Baidu and technology blog, the biggest difference is that each other to pay model is not the same, hundreds of Baidu not to content from the media to judge, but to take the mode is the good content will be strongly recommended.

relatively speaking, Baidu is from the media market, the Tencent had be long in coming, Sohu, 360, NetEase have launched from the media platform. However, Baidu hundred from the media group in the vibration caused by the most obvious effect.

is a web site responsible person said, since the media in the tech blog published an article, Baidu to help small and medium-sized site to make money, now Baidu’s own stem, 100 home recommended are well-known technology blog, equivalent to the end of the tech blog "nest". In most media content from the tiger sniffing network founder Li Min said, everyone is not the same way, still need to observe.

is not only affected by the technology blog site, Baidu 100 also makes some portal column guard. A person in charge of the portal said, do not underestimate not overestimate, face up to the impact of Baidu’s one hundred industry pay system, is an interesting innovation.