Listen to DNSPod Wu Hongsheng chat Tencent acquisitions and open cooperation


Tencent’s DNSPod just took over Ali’s million net, become Chinese domain (DNS) analysis of the first, service the site more than 1 million 500 thousand. This is more than the amount of gold, not Tencent cattle, but the founder of the 85 year DNSPod Wu Hongsheng cattle. Because the nets is China largest domain name registrar, domain name registration, many people chose the DNS default network, and may even do not know what is DNS. And Wu Hongsheng does not do domain name registration, only DNS, the customer is the word of mouth. This is like a game done by the Tencent, do online payment done alipay.

DNS is closely related to cloud computing. This is Ali received, Tencent closes the background of DNSPod nets. This is the next trillion market nodes. Thus, the peak brother to find Wu Hongsheng chat.

pregnancy peak: Tencent acquisition is how you go.

Wu Hongsheng: I did it in 2011. Feeling down with personal strength, the road is very difficult, the government policy is not sure. I’m looking for a big company. Tencent and 360 are talking. But if you give 360, you have to integrate into the system of 360, they have just listed, not yet clear internal. But Tencent’s condition is, let me in accordance with their own ideas to independent development.

pregnancy peak: it seems that the giants have vision, so early layout. You find Tencent or Tencent looking for you.

Wu Hongsheng: Tencent initiative to find me. I’ve never seen anyone with Tencent before. Suddenly someone called to say that Tencent co-founder and CTO Zhang Zhidong, Tony, are coming to see me. I thought it was a joke. As a result, Tony really came to Yantai alone. He said, I appreciate a person to do one thing.

Tony believes that DNS is the underlying thing of the Internet, should remain neutral, is a similar public goods, do not be affected by too many Tencent. If the Tencent, will be affected by the company’s strategy. DNSPod is the only company to be acquired by Tencent but has not been linked to a business group to the following companies. This is the tone of the tony.

pregnancy peak: what is the independent development of Tencent must have a way to control you.

Wu Hongsheng: I was responsible for the above Lushan technology and Engineering Group (TEG). But my KPI is not profitable, is the user. Set the strategy to do. My salary and the overall budget is big board, the company is below me to be, never mind with KPI. Tony will ask us every week, give me advice, but how to do or I decide. Once I wanted to hire someone, Tony said don’t worry. At that time I do not understand, or recruit people. But then I understand tony.

peak: Why did you receive the Tencent.

Wu Hongsheng: I am not clear about the long-term planning of Tencent. Tony says, you find your own way