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operates his own two small WAP site Wu Hao yesterday received a phone call from his father in the countryside. Father these days, CCTV reported on the mobile phone "jurisprudence" event of great concern, he did not know what his son do, but also know with hazy on television industry almost, when he saw one of the employees was sentenced to 4 years, immediately anxiously call to his son.

although Wu Hao does not appear to be like the father worried about that kind of situation, but he is really experiencing a "torment". Because China Mobile to suspend WAP billing, which means broken almost all his income, his 5 employees, his website WAP anchored in a SP below, usually 80% of revenue from the WAP website.

"I don’t know how long it will last the storm, if within one month, it can barely maintain, if more than one month, it is only a single employee salary is put up the shutters, I also can not afford to pay." He MSN to CBN reporters complain. With the launch of a new round of mobile phone anti vice storm, like Wu Hao in many depressed people.

in the long run, the introduction of a series of remediation measures will be conducive to the healthy development of the mobile Internet, but in the short term, due to the 3G and just started the mobile Internet is quite the past?


‘s WAP business will not be paid during China Mobile’s suspension of billing. In 2008, the company WAP business revenue totaled 2 million 444 thousand and 500 yuan, accounting for 1.69% of annual income; the first half of 2009, the company’s WAP income 1 million 81 thousand and 600 yuan, accounting for the company’s revenue ratio of 1.53%. of domestic listed companies SP bewinner (002148.SZ) said in the announcement in December 1st.

3G portal, an insider, 3G portal has been suspended on behalf of all the charges on behalf of the business. Although the vast majority of 3G portal revenue sources are advertising, but there are still a very small number of business and SP services on behalf of the charges, the current part of the business has stopped.

for other more mobile phone sites, it really became a Free WAP (free WAP)." The person in charge of a mobile search site self ridicule.

the official told reporters that the mobile phone search website in addition to advertising revenue, the largest part of the income of mobile phone downloads, after moving to stop billing, these WAP services have not received the money. Not only that, the other normal games, videos, all need to WAP billing port business stop billing, users can download free.

December 1st, affected by the impact of China Mobile’s WAP policy, the air network and friends of the century’s share prices have plunged, which fell 7.98% to $12.69 in the air, Hurray fell by $7.01% to $4.64