After everyone film Super Shadow domain can not access the animation garden had hung up

renamed Chinese ( December 5th – after all, film and television animation website very subscene, subtitles video animation domain two cannot access the. Another animation resources website also has a short history of the garden can not visit the phenomenon, but now the domain name has been restored access.


According to

data, jeeyin animation is the largest animation resources sharing platform to provide animation, comics, animation and music download, formerly jeeyin cartoon forum, founded in 2003, enable two domain as a resource download page.

yesterday evening, many netizens said that the shadow of the animation site can not visit. However, the shadow of the shadow of the official micro-blog animation @ subtitle KTXP news agency said, we do not speculate, but in the short term is unable to open BT stations and forums. Recently our group of subtitles will be released at the official blog. Hope to understand and tell the friends around." However, this micro-blog has been deleted.