High school students create their own website to boast others

      Cai Zuoran, the third year high school affiliated to Beijing Normal University, set up a "praise network"". Although the site opened more than a month, only four or five people hit, but Cai Zuoran said he will continue to stay in business website.
"is read an article in the" reader "after have this idea." High school student Cai Zuoran said, in March 12th, he began to have the idea of the creation of the site, after careful consideration, he decided to set up a network of praise, his idea was a positive response to the classmate of Liu Yue. After school hours, the two began to develop the purpose of the network, the design of the site structure and make a plan. Engaged in the work of Cai Cai network, the praise network finally built.

Cai Zuoran, since the site opened a month, only four or five people click rate. We did not set up the purpose of the site." For this result, although Cai Zuoran a little frustrated, but he said he would continue to operate the site down.