Taobao crack brush three shop closed punished false trading

Metropolis Daily News (reporter Lu Rui Intern Li Jiong) network intermediary platform specialized recruitment of part-time workers when the brush in hand, to help Taobao online sellers brush false volume and praise, in order to make a profit. Junior "undercover" for nearly 3 months, Taobao unveiled the seller – intermediary platform — brush hand "insider trading. In April 15th, AFP reported on the incident, caused widespread social concern, yesterday also responded to newspaper reports. relevant responsible person said, the newspaper reported disclosed a single brush behavior "promise all the personal care store", "square dance fashion suit", "at all times and in all countries three Taobao dbvfbwdizz Bra" seller, has closed shop processing.

in addition, the official said, Taobao has been insisting on the fight against brush volume, brush and other credit hype behavior. As of now, through system verification, manual review, whole network report a series of measures of credit speculation against the implementation, once found, on suspicion of false sales, credit and store goods, depending on the severity of given points, or even close down the right search serious processing shop. Taobao is also actively concerned about possible new trends in credit speculation, such as the hype of the intermediary website, etc., but also gradually included in the Taobao monitoring system.


at the same time, according to the rules, such as assisting buyers sellers false trading, Taobao will take off orders depending on the severity, warning, limit behavior and even titles with buyers.

Taobao to remind Taobao sellers, do not believe that the name of the name of the name of the name of the real name of the hype fraud fraud online shop. If you find a similar site, please call Taobao customer service phone (0571-88157858) or enter the Taobao transaction security zone ( to report complaints.