Summary of the work of network promotion practitioners

      join the "72" team for three months, through the help of teammates, let me from the network of knowledge, such as the state of the white paper to have a certain understanding, very grateful to the team training. With three months to let me know how effectively to solve the problem, this is my benefit the most deep place, before my understanding of the framework of "thinking" and "objective thinking" are not profound enough, and his work through every little bit so that I understand this aspect. No matter what should be done on the macro there is a good understanding of the framework and the clear purpose of doing this, and to guide the work of these two points, details in order to play the best results.

      just into the team, because of job duties and work content of on the line after the thorough understanding, in a period of time I have confused, detour, help, after I gradually adjusted under the guidance of learning content for the work to lay a certain foundation in the team enthusiasm. Deeply understand the importance of team strength is not a person to do, should be a group of people to do, so that things can do the best.

      we have a detour to harvest, have summed up some experience:
      1, through the network learning knowledge required should be "first" and "after dispersion". The network is a very open learning platform and different content of the website also has some differences, so be sure to choose a larger, more professional industry site in learning new content, and in the beginning should be concentrated in one or two selected sites related to learning content, then go to the more scattered in a certain site after understanding.

      2, make full use of all kinds of resources to learn knowledge. In the process of learning new content should maximize the integration of a variety of advantageous resources, such as the relevant content of QQ group, forum, professionals, etc.. Add some relevant QQ group, QQ group will interact less back through a period of time, leaving the group within the group interaction, better to exchange learning enthusiasm; choose to visit a number of professional forum more understanding of the industry, which is of great help to the day after work.

      3, the promotion of the forum should be based on the characteristics of "new content" and "strong interaction". The main forum for the promotion of soft paper, the material should be around the professional industry site selected from the latest content properly, such as evaluation, the latest software resources, the latest industry news; in addition to the "new material" characteristics should also be "interactive" for a after reading the article in the users should be able to arouse their desire to speak replies, specific alternative two "extreme", select "

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