Li Fuhua site navigation station how to promote

you know, web site navigation technology is simple, the maintenance is just began to add the site back tired, easy, and there are hao123 and 265 success, do web site navigation station grew up in, according to incomplete statistics, now the domestic site navigation station more than 1000. But because of the unique, single site navigation station layout, content repetition of big site navigation station for the grass-roots webmaster is not realistic, unless you have a strong will, or have very strong capital, or advise you still don’t touch. But it is not to say that you can not do the navigation station, it is recommended that you can go to the industry, local site navigation station development.

I have recently made a "independent blog Daquan, navigation station is specially included independent blog, currently has a collection of hundreds of high quality blog, and has a large number of high quality links. The initial reason is to see the complete independent blog blog promotion methods about Lu Songsong written by Mou Changqing, Lu Songsong is the blog promotion methods spend several hours every day to others blog comment, a large number of visits and incisive comments to his blog posts on the one hundred or two hundred, Lu Songsong is said to have visited the blog collection reached 15000 many imagine, let you go to collect 15000 blog, can you? So I want to build an independent blog daqo, collect as many independent blog, so the blogger blog comments to find and never have the resources. Regardless of the type of industry or by region, independent blog has a more detailed classification above, so that they can always choose the classification they want to leave comments. Navigation network links can be said to be relatively easy, my station is still 0 PR, Baidu included only 2 pages, but more than PR2 of the link has not less than 20. But the promotion of the navigation station has been bothering me, do SEO for the navigation station is very difficult, because it is impossible to add articles in the navigation station every day. Therefore, in view of the above problems and combined with some of the recommendations on the network, I sort out a few site navigation station promotion methods:

1, auxiliary forum

now my independent blog has been established in the auxiliary Forum blog forum, the forum can complement the main station without the content of this defect, the use of SEO technology to increase traffic. Because the forum has just been established, so the effect has yet to be verified, we wait and see……

2, open source code

can be optimized for the whole point source released to the source website for users to download, navigation inside with your own web site, so you can bring a lot of chain and traffic to your navigation station. My blog is perfect, I believe I will soon see the open source code.

3, bundled

if you have the resources or you have the technology, you can bind your site navigation station in the popular plug-in above, others use this plugin to set your web site for the home page, >

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