Cube network won millions of dollars B round of financing in Southeast Asia will be a new battlefiel

recently, the media game cube network completed ten million U.S. dollars B round of financing, this round of financing by the Shenzhen Venture Capital, tinno mobile LED, Jingwei venture capital investment. Previously, they were completed in June 2013 latitude and longitude venture capital Angel round of investment, by the end of November 2014 to be completed by the deep venture capital investment, latitude and longitude venture capital investment with A round of financing.


cube network business is mainly divided into domestic and overseas two lines, in the country they are a Mobile Games media CEO Wang Jian said, the domestic game in addition to conventional media business, cube network is facing the video and community in the direction of operation, now the DAU at about 1 million.

its external line is for the domestic game publishers to provide overseas promotion services, mainly in Southeast Asia, is divided into three areas:

localization of the media and the community, through the local community to help domestic game manufacturers to do the user’s operations.

integrated marketing solutions, do promotion planning for these overseas game companies, from planning to implementation by cube network operation.

overseas online advertising on behalf of the launch, to help domestic manufacturers in the local large traffic platform, such as Facebook advertising with the launch, but also has a traffic platform for its own vendor bidding.

in overseas business, to provide services for a total of 50 cube network games, including full name, COK and other famous gunfight game, they will also provide services for some local game companies like Taiwan, Wang Jian said these areas of the game marketing planning of traditional basic or traditional 4A companies, the Internet is not doing enough, they very competitive.

this round of financing, the cube network will continue to increase investment in overseas markets, they are currently in Taiwan already has a team of more than and 40 people in Thailand and other places also have the team, Wang Jian said this year’s goal is to eat most of the cake Taiwan game marketing, deeper penetration of other Southeast asia.

currently Mobile Games media competition is quite intense, at the end of last year, there are a number of media Mobile Games listed on the new board, has got a huge financing a lot, basically in the channel or Mobile Games competitive concept of things, such as using the Internet play cube network China to rolling overseas counterparts may become a new play the train of thought.

It is reported that

, cube network overseas revenue accounted for more than 60%, and this proportion is still growing.

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