Hu Yufeng soft Wen promotion of some personal views

a good article published, at least you can bring the three aspects of the harvest, one is brought directly to site traffic and customers, two is to increase the reverse link site (also called chain), three are recognized, thus able to make friends. The deficiency is, write soft, more time, if it is original, but also affected by the level of writing, but this is exercise, write more, writing time will be less and less, the quality will be higher.

in the creation and delivery of soft Wen, the following points you noticed it?

, the choice of the source of content, to the original is of course the best original, don’t be afraid to spend time, because to extract words, to find the time. Are soft, there is an irreconcilable contradiction, find a good soft Wen, you have to go to a large platform (directly to search more desirable, others have been included, you go to drink leftovers!), but a large platform good article was more widespread, and nine out of ten have been included in the search, you go to promotion, the effect will be greatly reduced. If you go to a small forum to find, the search included may be relatively small, but the quality of the article is not high, to find a better soft Wen, may write with their own time is not much difference. And, like me, want to make personal brand name: soft words, pick the more desirable, will greatly influence the brand effect, so soft, to adhere to the original, it does not matter to write, write more, naturally good.

two, delivery platform choice, of course is to put in the platform, and the bigger the better effect, why? Well, put on the big platform, many people look at a large platform search spider tentacles, updated quickly, like A5 station network, Chinaz station, out of the the platform, the search included rate is almost 100%, the search update time to 1-2 hours, that is to say, you send an article to go above, one, two hours, the page will be included in the search, you can add a chain, a small platform where has this effect.


platform, registered account to invite code, some platform, published the audit, is not because of the platform to set up a threshold, you can bypass, only to find no threshold to the forum published? If so, then you think more than turn a few bends, why these platforms will set the threshold for? The users responsible, shut out of the low quality. Why can set the threshold? Because of their cattle, is not cattle, few customers, the investment can not set the threshold, the self destruct house? This platform, once crossed the threshold, cross promotion effect is not in, no threshold platform can be compared.

three, the design of soft Wen title, the title of the article, just as a person’s face, is a beautiful woman, or dinosaur, is through the face to the first impression left to others, the people pass, birds are not bird you, your character is again high, the opportunity not to touch you, that is no good. This truth, for soft Wen also >

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