The era of content entrepreneurship really come

Abstract: the content of the entrepreneurial market is growing, but the choice of entrepreneurial way is getting narrower. Do a comprehensive portal or do vertical platform, in the face of fuzzy user portrait and audience groups, and has never been any line of contact with the media entrepreneurs, is indeed a problem.


social media and the two micro end of the rise in the quality of content to compete for the same time, but also attracted a number of new to the depth of content based media entrepreneurs.

micro-blog plans to invest 150 million support from the media, today’s headlines also launched a thousand million plan to provide $10000 for the creator". And almost at the same time, Taobao also proposed a mobile phone Taobao content open plan, and announced that the next three years, high-quality content creators and agencies will share the Commission of the 2 billion market.

whether the media platform or electronic business platform, the content and the excellent authors for the increasingly intense, open platform of WeChat public number, QQ open platform, a variety of client information, Sohu broke out, more and more traditional media people into the wave of. The era of the content of the business really come from the author to the electricity business district from the media, for example, a simple talk about the content of entrepreneurship.

content =PC official website + WeChat public number

?Many of the

foundation start empty-handed grassroots media "entrepreneurship" is started from the PC website and the public number, some even have no official website PC. As long as the powder, with the amount of reading, the amount forwarded, even if not profitable are doing awfully. According to WeChat 700 million users, the number of public figures to estimate the number of about 10 million per person, at least one person has a public number 70. This huge number of WeChat content distribution has become the most competitive, but also created a lot of content attached to the public platform WeChat entrepreneurs.

, according to incomplete statistics, since WeChat launched a public number, with many deep content mainly from the media, there are tens of millions of billions of dollars of valuation, the logic of thinking: the valuation of 1 billion 320 million, the panda from media alliance: 220 million, 12 cylinder cars: 150 million, a video: 100 million, catering boss reference: 100 million, the new list: the valuation of 202 million, wine: 50 million, ten, 30 million: reading soul fragrance woman: 30 million. And these excellent from the media to get financing after the completion of the transition from individual to corporate institutions.

how to achieve content realizable

look at several of the above from the media, all in these three ways in operation. Since the media is still in the nature of the new media to do the cloak of traditional media. It could have been a gang of people, and now it’s a human being. Before the line is to sell advertising, has now become a line, just before the issuance, will sell newspapers and magazines to readers, it needs not only to find a variety of online interaction between promotion channels and readers should pay attention to.


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