By the explosion to speculation no integrity marketing should be stopped

at 11 am on August 12th, Tianjin, Tanggu Development Zone, a large explosion, the rescue work is still in active development. The destructive power of the explosion is huge, many fire officers and soldiers have died, but in the National Prayer for the sad period of Tianjin. They can see some of the WeChat public number, or QQ space friends, just released some marketing advertising neither painful nor itching. With the help of the fire incident to hype, even with the name of the enterprise or LOGO. This is somewhat disgusting, belongs to the typical thoughtless, no integrity, no limit of marketing should be stopped.

reflects the marketing of the basic professional ethics

In fact,

network hype events in recent years: It is often seen., such as small month events, the most beautiful girl in the event, we are familiar with these popular events, behind almost every marketing team in planning. The use of the majority of Internet users sympathy, curiosity to attract eyeballs, hurt the feelings of many Internet users. After a similar incident, it is estimated that most people will not believe that the establishment of a harmonious society. Network marketing as a hot industry, the number of practitioners in the minority, should have their own basic occupation moral integrity, no means of marketing will only make customers lose confidence.

marketing can not consider the user’s feelings

the vast majority of Chinese people are not likely to participate in the rescue, and perhaps will not go to the donation, so only silently concern, silent support. Many marketers love playing an occasion to marketing, but a similar Rescue Incident is absolutely not a joke, just laugh is cold and unsympathetic performance. The purpose of marketing is to promote products or services, and establish a positive image of the enterprise, the kind of neglect of other people’s feelings, only to earn the eye of the enterprise. Believe that won’t get the customer’s trust and recognition, this kind of marketing is doomed to failure. Do not consider the user’s feelings, how can we really grasp the user’s psychology.

no integrity marketing will only disgusting

on the Internet there are some so-called speculation master, like Kimcheon Shaoxia, made two and four, the use of public sympathy to profitability, in fact, have lost their integrity. It is a pity that there are a considerable number of users know the truth, imperceptibly as the hype team’s accomplice, similar to the free network navy. Now as long as the Internet is a popular character events, the vast majority are from the network push hands, behind a strong promotion team in the operation. Including a large army of hired, responsible for top posts and comments, sizzling a post in the forum or event.

profit driven Internet environment, some practitioners to benefit is not to discount the means, occupation morals and conscience basic has all gone. Boring Internet users the most hurt, but in other words, if you do not actively participate, then it may not be deceived. The article by the square network original reproduced please indicate

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