Suitable for travel agency website promotion of ten ways

speaking of network promotion, a lot of people first is the influence of the site. "This view = production site network promotion" exist in many of the network in the mind of a smattering of friends. Site production is only the reality of the entity moved to the network, but the network is a means of promoting the spread of the network characteristics of a means of publicity. Web sites do not have to spread through the network to promote, such as Taobao is mainly by way of traditional media promotion. Network promotion is not necessarily a website, can be my factory, my brand, my goods, etc.. Here to explain the main hope is that the network is not very understanding of friends out of the network to promote misunderstanding.

if your travel agency is now just looking for someone to do a special website, then there are a lot of things to do network promotion. The first step in the long march to go.

below to give you a brief introduction of the travel agency network promotion of the ten ways. These ten methods I will be divided into the following five categories:

, a search engine, "know-all"


now, when it comes to the network will certainly talk about the search engine. Baidu Encyclopedia: search engine (search engine) refers to the use of certain strategies and specific computer programs to collect information on the Internet, in the information organization and processing, and the processed information to the user, the system is to provide search services for users.

is now on the web site to a million, I need to find information in how so many websites inside? The Internet early time, and there is no search engine, or when the search engine has no strong popularity, in order to meet this need, so some press will be printed as "XXX web site" "the XXX website, confluence of books, if you want to find a travel website, well, go to the bookstore to buy a book inside, turned over to find slowly after directory. Ah, ah, the site is not poor. But now, if anyone wants to do so, it is estimated that the site may be filled with a book.

search engine is the end of this kind of book, you tell the search engine, I want to find "travel", "travel agency" aspects of the site, he will tell you what the site is about tourism. The search engine will know why? Because he is "know-all".

method 1: search engine landing

if your travel agent to do a website, this step is essential. Only we tell the search engine, he will know that there is such a site. Although the search engine is very much, but the more is Baidu and Google, has been behind YAHOO, Youdao, soso.

method 1: classification directory

classification directory in the form of a bit like the above said, "XXX web site Daquan," and the like, but translated into the form of a network directory. Why is it that the classified catalogue is classified into the search engine

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