Entrepreneurs must poke the pain point marketing

pain and itch point, selling point (excitement) these three words can be described as enduring, whether God carved or three Lei father purifier and so on, for the three words of affirmation, because any products are around the words, because these three words is fundamental to any enterprise however, these three words and flowers in the mirror, see the water, but you can’t touch the


our business has not addressed these issues, there are no three words around, as the core…??

what is the pain point?

pain point is, often tangled want to get some complaints [demand] called pain points

kink type;

for example; a few years ago, Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River of melatonin, we go to the mall to buy things, do not know what to buy, do not know what to choose. Tangle is the pain point, melatonin, find the pain point, send gifts melatonin.

complaint type,

where there are complaints about business opportunities, complaining about not willing to wash dishes, with a dishwasher, complaining about a taxi difficult, with drops taxi. Complain about the interest of the bank, the balance of treasure, complaining about the balance of treasure low profits of major P2P to..


needs a good explanation, I want to get something, I want my computer to be a little faster, 360 and cell phone housekeeper, I want my car cleaner, car wash shop. I want to do the electricity supplier, electricity and so on various training I want to design a trademark, various kinds of witkey.

learn from the tangle. Complain. Demand for business pain points, and then grasp the perfect solution, we can bring benefits to users by the support of.

for consumers

good to write here, tomorrow to share with you [itch] welcome to actively explore and exchange, I sincerely wish you all a happy mood.

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