Enlightenment of financing Jingdong and WAL-MART married shop No. 1 dowry to bring entrepreneurs



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recently, Jingdong announced a strategic partnership with WAL-MART, the two strategic cooperation in the electricity supplier and retailer, WAL-MART will get about 5% of the shares of the Jingdong shares, and Jingdong will get WAL-MART’s 1 mall assets, including "1 shop" brand, website, APP. In addition, the strategic cooperation between the two sides include running (WAL-MART will continue to operate its business shop No. 1 No. 1, and settled in the mall; WAL-MART "Sam member shops" in the Jingdong platform official flagship store opened, etc.) among supply chain and logistics etc..

this paper announcement to clarify the rumors before the Jingdong spend $40 billion acquisition of shop No. 1, No. 1 stores become WAL-MART hand Jingdong "a token of love". After the dust settles, if we reflect on the whole process, you can learn from the many financing experience and lessons.

Jingdong Financing Review

first to review the financing process of Jingdong: Jingdong formally involved in the field of electricity supplier in 2004. 2007 began the formal financing institutions, according to the report, in today’s capital Jingdong is almost to the end of hills and rivers, completed the A round of financing in 2007;

, like many start-ups, in 2008, Jingdong is also facing the most difficult market environment. Because the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis has begun to evolve into the global financial crisis. At this time, the development of Jingdong has entered the most critical stage, the capital is facing depletion. Today, Xu Xin, President of capital has revealed to the media, then at the time of the financing of the white hair was anxious for the. According to media reports, Liu Qiangdong later recalled the subprime crisis of 2008 B round of financing experience also feel scared, said that when all the people are afraid to vote, the final bull capital investment of $12 million, today the capital (early investors) with $8 million investment, another VC investment of $1 million, the Jingdong was able to expand. "Or Jingdong.";

to get B round of financing through the financial crisis, the Jingdong’s C round of financing and after the IPO Financing on more smoothly, it is media reports to see thousands of hundreds of millions of dollars and the level of suction gold financing.

1 shop financing process

to compare the media reports of the 1 shop financing process:

just in 2007 and Liu Junling began planning the creation of shop 1, and in 2008 received a $20 million financing. Also affected by the 2008 financial crisis, in May 2010, Ping An investment RMB >

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