Duguxiaomeng simple mail marketing case analysis

do so long webmaster, wrote many articles on the basis of optimization, network marketing, strategy involves a number of large and small, in fact, after all that, any strategy "emboldened" is to rely on people to do, go up; if there is no one to do it, to perform, again good the effect of the strategy will not occur.

in the dream of some of the brief, will be talking about Xiao dream is good at e-mail marketing strategy implementation. The recent dream also to "Albert Ge day visit" in some e-mail marketing executive. Then this dream put some emphasis of this marketing strategy, and some of the problems encountered in the strategy of sorting out some detailed explanation. The following may be some AD type of commentary, but these words in order to further the case analysis

The purpose of


Xiao Meng is currently operated by the "Albert Ge day visit" is an important target of Albert court, Albert court daily visit is a well-known master of the acquisitioning work, and gathered a large number of webmaster contacts, let all the industry’s circle of friends more and more. Recently, the dream have invited to the chief editor of hadron and Admin5 to conduct a webmaster interview work. Make an appointment, after making conversation topic has been arranged, the dream will face the first promotional interview. (here the dream do not take some publicity for the method) so think spamming operation.

just Xiao Xiao’s mass e-mail software has been idle, while there are more than and 200 pieces of mail, not commonly used words may be officially sealed off. So do it, there will be a mail marketing operation.

ready to work

1, hair content

mail settings are correct, a content is more important, the title, and the content of the message to the user whether to "Albert Ge community" from the content of the message, directly to the interview notice dream hadron code replication (post out here to the post content: http://s.bbs.linxige.com/thread-135-1-1.html), get Dreamweaver directly edit, remove unwanted title, the direct use of the "January 26th Albert Ge daily visit (twenty-sixth) A5 and A5 hadron once traversed the road" such a title, if not considering others dream open post, can be seen from the title of this post is an interview but, is famous Adsense interview. At the same time in the content to guide the user to enter the Albert Pavilion link.

after the completion of a dream directly to copy the code into the mail content area; thus, a content arrangement is completed.

2, recipient e-mail address collection

Some of the things in front of

are easy to operate and don’t need much time

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