After the first web site marketing plan conjecture

yesterday, natural gas detection instruments in Baidu ranked fourth, today it sprang up to first go to, some friends to send information to celebrate, there is also some rational friends to give some suggestions: improve the conversion rate. Now gas detection instrument network to talk about: the first ranking of the site, some of the network marketing plan conjecture.

a company website, not only to promote the company’s brand, but also to sell the company’s products. Because the orders, profit is the company’s survival, as the core agent of many gas detection equipment, gas detection instrument network to complete the annual sales agency manufacturer required (Sales), there is no sales is sure not flow. A month ago, in the website keywords, the word "gas detection instrument" do pay promotion only four or five, did not think a month later, do pay have so much, Baidu snapshot after the first gas detection instrument network will strengthen from the following aspects:

1 to reduce the site’s jump out rate.

out, the definition refers to the users to enter the site and exit mean, bounce rate is that users in your web browsing a page on the left, the percentage of the total number of visits to the page. The number of times is the number of users to enter the site without access to any of the other pages from the page to exit the number of times.

to reduce the site’s bounce rate commonly used methods are: related products, recommended products, internal links, the next one, etc.. At this point, gas detection instrument network can also be done, but the only regret is not to sell products linked to the blog technical articles, most of the time the customer is not familiar with, they want to know more product principle technical knowledge, will produce better products and the integration of Web site blog and guide customers to learn more knowledge, professionalism and friendliness which reflects the website.

2 to enhance the user experience

users to enter the site, open the site of fast, simple and beautiful web design, can quickly find the needs of customer service products, good communication, perfect message feedback system, the good user experience is the index, the site search, Baidu business, online message, has been established, defects in the beautiful degree web page. At the same time, the quality of the communication business personnel need to communication terms, products continue to accumulate knowledge learning, skills practice sometimes can make more transactions.

3 pay promotion, engage in promotional activities

main keywords do up, but not every keyword can do. Do pay the promotion, to engage in product promotion, sales to sell products in the shortest time, but also a very good strategy. For example, before the introduction of a new product of drunken driving punishment, the gas detection instrument network paid to promote: alcohol detector, grab a hot topic in the market, the rapid completion of product sales.

to do a good job in network marketing, not a department can be solved, he asked the purchasing department, sales department, network department, the Department of administration and other departments to cooperate closely

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