A brief discussion on the synthesis of micro-blog marketing advantage news events

micro-blog as the most popular marketing tool, almost no one denies this point. A celebrity micro-blog because of its millions of fans to spread the amazing strength, its commercial value of more than 10 million. Similarly, with more than one hundred thousand fans grassroots micro-blog, released a commercial Bowen, the charges are also a few hundred dollars. Why is micro-blog’s business value so high? What are the advantages of micro-blog marketing?

Comparison of

and traditional marketing methods, micro-blog marketing cost is particularly low, a blog need only more than and 100 words, the marketing network marketing is more effective and low cost, compared with micro-blog and marketing, a good, if there is no top or in the first page, its effect will be greatly reduced, at the same time. Take the time to create a soft article can write even a few dozen micro-blog. The features of network marketing is the biggest point spread everywhere, blossom everywhere, and micro-blog just has this advantage. At the same time, micro-blog marketing is easy to use, not limited by time and space, as long as the Internet, you can send micro-blog anytime, anywhere. As long as the hair, easy to bear fruit in the short term.

of course, in order to do a good job in micro-blog marketing, is not no skill at all, with micro-blog marketing, to fully highlight its advantages, according to the characteristics of micro-blog, micro-blog has the following advantages:

advantage: leveraging the power of

traditional marketing methods like hype, that is, by a hot spot, a star, a sudden event to promote their own publicity. Micro-blog can also hype themselves, for example, is "micro-blog Queen" Chen Yao has more than 20 million fans, and even a national editor of Chen Yao’s fans are envy, "Chen Yao word, the audience more than the circulation of the magazine several times!" general journal Circulation of more than 1 million is very good, no wonder the editors will have such a sigh.

"but only one Chen Yao!" a lot of people to issue such a sigh, marketing experts are smart, is "leveraging the power of marketing in the beginning quietly, they will each of the latest micro-blog, Chen Yao then released the placard, grab the bench, then the the role is not the effect of row and different approaches but equally satisfactory results for first place in the Baidu home page? Of course not grab the first, occupy the home position, will also get some attention.

advantage of two: Micro news spread more than ordinary media and even the major sites

what news is the fastest, of course, is the person in the scene of the news spread the fastest and most accurate. We give the news media to spread the speed from slow to fast sorting, newspapers need a day, TV fastest takes several hours, portal website editor write or report about an hour, and micro-blog a few minutes on it.

any unexpected news, there is no lack of concern groups, the ultimate goal of marketing is to get attention, business concerns bring business opportunities, the user’s attention to bring benefits, there is no concern about the possibility of profit. >

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