How to do activities for the user site operations planning

how to do activities for the user site operations planning

I am in Shuangcai net work, this is a position to provide information and interactive lottery community service website to the general user caimi. In order to solve some problems in the operation process of the website, Shuangcai network conducted a large-scale renovation of the site, with the renovation project, so that the user can accept a gentle, and give some incentive to their work was stimulated, we decided to hold an online activity, but at what activities can meet the needs of users, but also in the relatively low cost of the situation to the website


after a series of phased work, we finally determined the content of the activities. Combined with the recent work, I take this to talk about how to start from the user needs and habits, to customize the site operations planning activities.

the first step carefully examines and studies the user habits.

this is a very important work, but also the basis for activities. Shuangcai network users are very clear, love is love to buy lottery tickets, lottery information Caimi, but we must consider that these users in the age level distribution is very extensive, from 20-50 years old are, even higher with age. After a period of investigation, we come up with some basic needs and habits, in this part of the list:

1, the user computer operation level is limited, see more people than the post, back face, symbol, typing;

2, agree with the views of some lottery experts or veteran, like to find some information to read;

3, all hope that they can win, good luck, more sensitive to material rewards;

4, not good at using online virtual items, etc..

second steps closely combined with user needs and habits, analysis of site issues and industry

in doing investigation and analysis of user needs and habits, the next task is to carefully analyze the internal conditions of their site, because the final purpose is through user participation, to solve the website problems, if not for their own analysis, can be combined with the demand of the user, planning a good activity is more difficult the operation of the.

so in the second stage, we use 3 days to finish a website about internal analysis report, for security reasons, I will not announced, in short, the analysis here, is to combine the user habits, combined with the demand of the user, including the product itself and the user needs and habits the combination, find some corresponding relationship between them, rather than lay a stick, for example, to send QB certainly a lot of people love, but Shuangcai network users are lottery fans, he may have no need for QB, if we do not analyze the final results sent QB, send out the QB to those non mainstream boys and girls, so the activities of the effect will be greatly reduced.


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