On the promotion of B2C online shopping mall

is now more and more companies began to pay attention to online promotion, buy online domain names open B2C mall merchants also meet the eye everywhere, but according to the survey, there have been numerous business problems is the mall operators and taobao.com shop compared survival rate much lower. The main reason is due to the independence of the mall in the and the C2C website shop there is bigger difference, for ordinary businesses, mall operation difficulty is relatively large. However, due to the establishment of the mall brand, sales management has its own unique advantages, so businesses to build and promote their own mall is very necessary.

I once helped a number of clients installed shopex, ECSHOP mall system, management and promotion and help customers mall, summarizes some online mall promotion methods, hope to be able to open the online friends to help.

1, select the stable space quotient

stable web space is the basis to do a site, the shop manager is more important, so don’t take those online very cheap space, the best choice for well-known service providers, although the price is higher, but the quality is guaranteed.

2, select excellent shop system


system can now choose very much, as originally just a few home making such, and high fees, to the number of open source system now (the original license price is not high), so that our choice is more and more big, I recommend the SHOPEX here, and not just because I am very familiar with this program, and the future development of this program is relatively stable, the expectations of the next step.

3, shop decoration is very important

actually go shopping with us is the same, when you see a shop is very beautiful when you like to go inside to look at, regardless of what you want to buy something. The shop decoration includes not only the Taobao shop decoration, the independent store must find a suitable shop template, if necessary, specially spent 12000 yuan to do a completely on their own, can also go online to buy some cheaper then according to needs to change, just let everyone must pay attention to the shop page effect. Let the customer can comfortably browse our products.

4, website SEO optimization strategy

is the first page optimization of the site itself, we must do each page to optimize, shopex background fully gave us the optimization of the space, we can set the keyword and description of each product, so as to optimize the station played a very good role.

is the next link, increase the site of the chain, more than a window a chance, I believe your efforts will not be wasted.

5, join the advertising alliance cps

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