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December 1st morning news, from 0 am today from zero, Baidu used 8 years and brought to its " advertising system, most of the revenue ranking; " start to become history, phoenix nest system costly full replacement of ppc.

If you use the

phoenix nest system, you may find that you feel the phoenix nest and PPC is not much different, except the right ads, search results on the left, left side is still a part of advertising. Baidu Inc information, phoenix nest system (Baidu search popularizes professional edition) and PPC (Baidu search promotion Classic Edition) compared to emphasize intelligent matching, presented that users need most advertising as a kind of information.

in order to achieve intelligent matching, regarded as the Baidu " information " advertising, non price factors (such as quality score, the correlation degree, click rate) weight to its ranking position is greatly increased; the number and proportion of the first page of search advertising declined (not more than 10 and 50%); before a single advertiser " " key phrases; bidding, also turned out to contain " ", " marketing plan; promotion unit " ", " a combination of keywords and creativity; a set of mechanism.

a year ago, CCTV reported the existence of Baidu ppc. But Baidu has been that " " PPC; business model is not a problem, ranking by " ", demonized; therefore decided a new advertising system as soon as possible to enable 07 years in October has begun to develop, which is named phoenix nest Baidu search popularizes professional edition. In April 20th this year, phoenix nest online, Baidu began advertising switching system, within half a year, 70% of customers have switched to the phoenix nest, and announced that from now on full switch at the end of October this year.

on the impact of switching to Baidu phoenix nest income, Shen Haoyu vice president of Baidu business has previously said that may lead to the loss of a small number of users or customers on advertising in the short term, but he said, do not worry about the loss of customers to competitors, they will eventually come back. Shen Haoyu said that the effect of full switch to Baidu phoenix nest to be known by the end of December. The outside world can also be informed by Baidu’s fourth quarter earnings.

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