2009 annual meeting salon discussion vertical community website management

below is the theme of the vertical community website operating the salon discussion highlights:

Chen Gelei: I present several we are very familiar with, this is the theme of the discussion vertical community profit model and its development way of business, seven people have five is the webmaster, add me, I am a reluctant stationmaster, six owners, as well as standing in the perspective of risk investment evaluation Mr. Zuo Lingye, a few years ago had dealt with. And the advertising industry on behalf of Mr. Wu Xianmin, he is devoted to advertising alliance on, emphasize the effect of advertising, the equivalent of at least one of the owners of the vertical yisifumu.

began to introduce themselves, not too complicated.

Liang Ning: the green man is a travel review site, plus SS friends, not to make friends who can look up to view comments, can also see who commented on them, can make friends with you.

Wei Wei: 17HR services provided by the human resources community is BBS, and SS information services.

Li Ziwei: Strait fishing net at present is mainly to do some advertising, may do some trading platform.

Zhang Rui: Li Ziwei said that in fact our fishing net user rich that is expensive, but now he received the advertisement and now talk about cooperation marketing without considering the user high value, is made of common value, we’ll study the problem together.

Li Xianghua: ideal online is a securities website.

Chen Gelei: the first question is very direct, please use the time on the one hand to describe your profit model, what to make money, to disclose the average monthly income.

Ceng Muyang: our main income is advertising, followed by talent, the future may be mining user needs to meet the needs of users. Talent is what you’re looking for a person today, now I can say without intermediary fees, if you need to let more people certainly find someone better, cheaper price you need to pay, this also can be said to be advertising, but we will be screened in the future, we can help you complete your needs and lift your human resources ability and energy consumption. Now our revenue is not a goal, every month can do about twenty thousand to thirty thousand of the income, the human cost of removal, the remaining money to the website, basically no profit, but continued investment is very large, all profits are put on the inside, do not break the growth. We now have 520 thousand users, active users, registered from 2000 users have, I estimate that our active users can reach about 50% a month.

Li Xianghua: I said at first, Fu Changbao and I are almost from the first station, stationmaster Congress began to participate in the fourth session, until this time, the first when I came on my own, the second session of the 35 people. The general assembly to me every time there are some harvest. For now

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