Happy camp banned With thousands of friends

September 21st, my girlfriend as usual on the Internet to see the latest issue of happy camp replay, but can not find the video. So Pidianpidian ran to me. No way, help her look! It can’t find a matter, I will find the interest, but to the latest issue of happy camp was SARFT banned, did not update the content of this phase in all Iqiyi, LETV, mango TV, Sohu, PPTV and other video sites, that is to say not only I am looking for this period of video, a large number of users are looking for, I saw a lot of traffic come to me, you should know how much coverage as soon as this group of fans of

!The results of

, I am looking for a long time, finally found the storm in a video, download immediately without demur, and not long before the storm on the video removed, I downloaded the


then, this video was uploaded to my SkyDrive, drainage for friends of the game start!


how do I play? Very simple, no more complicated way, is a simple operation of the Baidu post bar!


I’m happy camp in the post bar on the same day (September 21st) on a number of posts, I did not want to use these traffic why, just want to do a test play, try the effect. I send these posts are almost the same content, the video is about the issue of a brief introduction, what is the bright spot, and then say very nice look, and finally said that I have here.

is different, these posts with the promotion of drainage form is not the same, there is a direct link with video; some let others stay in the mailbox, and then I send a link; there is a direct let others add QQ, then I give the video link; there is a direct information left in the comments. Here to talk about plus QQ, I prepared 2 QQ, 9.22, when the addition of a good friend of the 1, the 1 added a more than and 300, and still kept adding to the video link. Do you know why people are added to the "happy camp"? Because I said directly, and friends fill in the verification "happy camp", or not, is so drag. Why did you write that? Guess!


strategy is such a strategy, the effect is also good to those who stay in the mailbox here to say I’m sorry, this is because I do play, stay in the mailbox of the friend, I only made a small part, we can send, finally simply to stay in the mailbox on the post deleted.

so far, online or not in the latest issue of happy camp video, you can go to the happy camp Post Bar look, there are still a lot of people in the use of these methods in drainage, do promotion, add friends now. Many have no video resources on their hands, that is, pure deceptive drainage, and even

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