On the road of the development of southwest agricultural talent network

2010 New Year’s day has passed, I think the construction of southwest agricultural talent network half a year. Write this article is to let you look at my website, help me analyze and give me some advice, so that I continue to do this site.

I half a year ago in a talent website to recruit staff, but no ideal effect, and later on the germination of the idea of building their own talent site. Read some articles about talent network, and some say good talent network how to make money, the mind is faint, did not want to think about going to a familiar with the original domain registrar query appropriate domain name. Read a lot of SEO article, said the domain name is best to have the key words, I was determined to do regional agricultural talent network. Now the information quickly, one minute after the query, the results tell me: swahr, www..Com, www. southwest agricultural talent network southwest agricultural talent network. Chinese, general address: Southwest Agricultural talent network, have not been registered. This is the southwest agricultural talent network, according to the southwest agricultural talent network English Translation: Southwest Agriculture Resorces Network, the final determination of the domain name swahr, which is now my site. Originally in order to avoid competition, began to prepare for the registration of other talent network, the results can not pass the English domain name. In this way, I registered the southwest agricultural talent network, from the long road to build talent network.

I know, if the purchase process, then there is a virus in the inside, the program confusion, a lot of BUG. So I chose a safe way to find their own design procedures. In June 2009, the first step in the pig eight quit network, released the southwest agricultural talent network LOGO design, 20 days there are more than and 50 design candidates. Next, I come into contact with a network company in Chongqing, talk about cooperation, signed a contract. As a result, the designer is very careful, it is not his design is not good, may not agree with the idea of it, in the home page design did not pass me off. I through zhubajie.com to help me do the designer of LOGO, to find a web design beauty master, and she spent 13 days correction home design. There are three other designers involved in the design, but there is a gap between the results and home design. Later, in my food, family and appropriate RMB temptation to do the home page of the beauty of the designer with 27 days to design the inside pages.

began to do the procedure, from the beginning of October 2009, a long process. Phone call in the past, the designer said enthusiastically: too much content on the site, so complex, and so on…… In November 25, 2009, I asked again, the other side is still very enthusiastic to say: the content of the site is very special, very complex, and so on…… My heart is empty, we began in October in the network and magazines everywhere advertising, scheduled for the official launch on January 1, 2010. In December 25, 2009, he said: first pass it up, while the test side optimization. Thin want to come, really makes sense, the southwest agricultural talent network, more than a lot of talent website >

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