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when we see a good article, always can not help but want to get to know and communicate with the original author. However, due to a large number of online reprint articles without leaving the author’s name, or directly tampering with the author’s name and source of plagiarism, leading us to find the original author. I was excited because often see a fine article and can not find the original author, filled with missed the pain. I think if there is a web site to help you through the title of the article or keywords to find the original author, you can help readers get to know the original author, understand the original author. In addition, it can also play a negative role in preventing plagiarism, and can also achieve the purpose of encouraging original articles and encouraging original authors. So the idea of the original inquiry network was born.

function design:

1, through the title of the original author;

2, through the keyword search related article title and then find the original author (this is mainly used in the original title of the query was tampered with);

3, through the author’s name, pen name query.

4, other query methods

process design:

1, the original author registered user name to apply for personal home page.

2, the original author released personal information

3, the original author of the original article published links or direct release of the original article

The value and function of


1, to help readers find the real original author

2, to help readers find the industry’s top information

3, to help readers understand and find the industry’s top professionals

site Outlook:

convergence industry original article author, to become the industry’s top professional talent network

convergence industry top monographs, becoming the industry’s top information network

convergence of the latest information industry, the industry’s top fresh news network

website profit model:

if you can bring together the original author of the industry, the convergence of the industry’s top papers how profitable you believe that I have more strokes.

domain name choice: and so on

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