Beauty translation Zhang Lu popularity of the website promotion planning inspiration

I do not know when, "four words every corner of belle culture" has begun to spread all over the Internet and real life, billboards and various websites on the Internet on the streets and lanes of a star or ring or the beauty of image, has become a kind of phenomenon is very attract audience eyeball. This beauty culture in recent years more and more intense, especially in this period of time, the network around the door, the door, has made people become insensitive to visual pollution. The beauty of the translation of Zhang Lu’s appearance, so that people’s eyes fresh.

red people in the past are derived from their appearance or other appearance conditions, and this time, netizens finally from the spirit of the collective love on a knowledgeable and capable professional women. The interpretation of female translator Zhang Lu a famous cultural code, is a proof of the spiritual world of beauty will be able to overcome the Jiachou process. This interpretation may be empty, but it is a fact! Zhang Lu is beautiful, but also not beautiful. Her fame is not only due to the attention of the two sessions, not only because she is the head of state leaders. A dark suit, blue shirt, elegant and decent body language reflects the Zhang Lu good occupation accomplishment, and she will be on Ancient Chinese Literature Search cultural connotation of the depth of understanding in English, accurate, clean and in place of the abdominal gas from Chinese poetry and literature "style, let people feel the female translator’s temperament the extraordinary and elegant taste, this is the real reason she charmed so many reporters and the general audience.

knowledge to make women more beautiful, more content. The beauty of translators in the network burst red, to everyone’s surprise, but it is a good phenomenon, can be regarded as a new milepost on the web, is the purification and evolution of the network culture.

The above is my

graffiti on the blog today (site: on the translation of Zhang Lu entitled "beauty is a popular part of the text purification and evolution" network culture paper, writing writing, it is natural to think of the so-called "beauty culture" to promote the use of all kinds of chaos planning network.

it is undeniable that the webmaster is "facilitator beauty culture", but also the communicator "beauty trash.". In order to expand the site’s promotion, access to more hits, beauty culture has become a unique phenomenon of Web site to attract the attention of Internet users. Then, a browser opens beauty advertising Pumianerlai; point to open the link, is full of beauty gossip; what is more, cheese cake with your mouse to run, one not careful, will jump out "I look to you!". Many owners to provide information to the public at the same time, indifferent to the social conscience of the integrity, forget the rules of the constraints, and even repeatedly hit the bottom line of morality and law, so that the audience has begun to lose in which.

nowadays, beauty popular translation of Zhang Lu, also remind webmaster have the responsibility to tell the audience what is beauty? Have the responsibility to tell the girls head weight than face? Perhaps the owners expect more of the "network culture," beauty "

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