‘m fed up with the word hey hey.

be careful, don’t be a "hey hey copy" poison.

has since Li Jiaoshou’s self hi copy, the copy finally has a trial standard. The explanation and analysis are very thorough, also taught some corresponding skills.

took me a long time to write "self hi copy", do not use flowery language to describe the product, without idioms and puns, even the adjectives are rarely, and then use the most straightforward language to affect the user experience.

absolutely did not expect, I write out something, or was forced to wear a hi copy from the hat.

first, I think it’s my problem. The consequences slowly I found a phenomenon, in addition to the classic copy of the master, most of the copies are on the "Hi copy" hat. And those who have to wear "hi hi copy" hat, most of them are not even copywriting.


problem is coming. Li Jiaoshou said the type X and type Y copywriter, said nothing wrong. But one-sided, or most people understand wrong. We first look back on the so-called self hi copy.

[X] from hi copy

they are linguists, figures of speech, and poets, in an attempt to describe the product in a magnificent way.

[Y] not from hi copy

spent a lot of time to understand what the user wants to use the most simple and straightforward language to affect the user experience.

directly with several examples for the professor li.

case: headset

X. The sound of shock, inspire dreams.

Y copywriting: like a concert scene.

let’s analyze. Before the word "hey hey" has not appeared, how can we write a good copy of the headphones.

first of all, I can assure you that no one will write "inspire the dream", because this is a temporary dream. We may write "sound shock", "super quality" and "enjoy ALT" and other words.

assures you that no one writes directly "as if they were in concert," because the message is not fast. It can be used as a specific explanation.

so how is the headset copy written? X type +Y copy.


I can’t judge the quality of a copy directly, it should be handed over to the market. In fact, the highest sales of Tmall Jingdong headphones copy is written.

copy is for sale. The copy can bring sales, the premise is the need to quickly deliver accurate information.

there are two key words: fast and accurate.

took iPod copywriter. 1000 songs

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