Who is behind the start-up team staff poor execution

many team leaders will be attributed to the implementation of the staff’s ability to staff quality. In the past two years, the author and many entrepreneurs talk about their execution problems, the majority of people complaining about the low ability of employees at the same time, also do not forget to underline the importance of the first special. Yes, business ability is low for employees, we can only say: "when the tears are actually hiring head into the water, but this is far from enough to become a team leader and company executives to evade responsibility for. Many companies tend to have such a grimace: employee knowledge technical ability is not that class, but also to the company’s current business in the company, almost everyone is busy, but the work efficiency is low. In this case, the team leader should have reflected the problem from their own and organizational perspective.

1 team leader

(1). The lack of tenacity. For employees, they can rely on most in the company is not the boss, not a co-worker, more than the delivery, but their direct supervisor. Clausewitz, a soldier of the west, wrote in his book, "the theory of war", that "in the vast darkness, the light should be sent to lead the team to victory". Especially for the 2B2C ecosystem, due to the fierce competition and the urgency of the progress of research and development, team play in the task in the process of it is this a glimmer in the dark, and the person in charge of the lack of tenacity and the consequences will be disastrous. In Shi Yuzhu’s recent talk about the wolf rabbit said before, HUAWEI CEO Ren Zheng is unquestionably China enterprise advocate of "wolf culture", and behind this wolf culture is also thinking of the tough leader, from 1987 start to the HUAWEI Empire retired today, as in a wild, to the strong will to lead HUAWEI breakthrough. While today entrepreneurs flooded with too much pessimism, only because of a venture capital project would easily give up don’t get people who have no qualification to meet the eye everywhere, claiming to be entrepreneurs, lack of will make them give up, most can only be regarded as the tide with cast machine. The start-up team leader needs to realize the team advance process will inevitably encounter a stumbling block, need to adhere to teeth, self motivated and can be adjusted through.

(2). To empty promises. Good team leader, said we should do, do not do not promise to do that if yet to open lip-service, before long, subordinates will put this way in your body. In the widely respected entrepreneurs "become the leader" in one book, the author Warren Bennis (· Warren Bennis) are the four elements of the leader to maintain trust: 1 2 3 reliable consistent from beginning to end their 4 integrity. As the person in charge of the team can not be anything, what is right, frankly communicate with each other, there is a saying, there are two said that the two can not be achieved without commitment to employees, or employees

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