VC transfusion by the company in the next year to get money

before the arrival of winter, entrepreneurs have felt chilly. "Our project only melts to PRE – A, it is difficult to re financing, venture capital tends to come easy to cash items." A social class APP entrepreneurs recently told the China Times reporter. A few months ago, the reporter met him in the business meeting, talking about their own entrepreneurial projects, he is very confident, said a number of agencies are attracted to. At that time, A shares are still 5000 points, then the stock market crash to the market in the cold wind.


shut the door tight capital, entrepreneurial markets fell down. In September, a O2O death list circulated in the WeChat circle, an acre of land, Lanting Pavilion has announced that the set of potential layoffs, and founded the koala shuttle customized shuttle service taking only 6 months of formal outage in September 11th, is known as the capital of winter in the first leaf falling.

frankly, the capital market is the biggest factor, the exact only factor." Koala bus CEO Aman Chang wrote on the farewell letter outage. Ni Zhengdong, founder and CEO, said: relying on VC blood transfusion companies will be difficult to get the money in the next year, you can foresee the collapse of the start-up company is coming.

bit capital founder Zhang Yao said, VC homogenization of venture project created a bubble, resulting in a small number of VC problems in matching funds and projects, but "public entrepreneurship, innovation" is consistent with the trend of the times.

koala bus dead

recently, the circle of friends heat transfer an article, a start-up company fell 128 hours, the company is the koala bus. After the dissolution of the company, koala HR director Liu Bo and CEO Aman Chang to do a job beyond the ethics of the workplace – to help unemployed colleagues everywhere to find a job, and personally accompany them to the interview.

September 11th, koala bus last day of operation, and accompany it half a year to bid farewell to the user. A day earlier, Aman Chang wrote a letter on the koala public letter to the dream sponsor, recalling the koala bus from the founding of the outage process.

founded in March 11, 2015, the koala bus was initially only 3 people, one month after the start of the project, the koala shuttle to get the angel investment in innovation workshops. The formation of the team, to open the line, all of everything in good order and well arranged according to plan. Prior to the closure of the business, koala bus users more than 50 thousand, has been in Beijing has a line of 130, a total of more than and 70 buses, daily orders of the single more than 5 thousand. In Aman Chang’s view, these data have exceeded the other competitors outside the drops.


is such a project, but in the six months after birth completely fall, is at a low price drops into business. Aman Chang now to the China Times reporter, said the project financing is the biggest problem. Over the past two months, he has been in the investment and running, see nearly 50 investors, over and over again about the koala bus and former dream >

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