Use hot events 1 days to get 40 thousand P

yesterday in cyberloafing inadvertently see a message in the forum is a place on the Zhejiang students class time should not have happened! Feeling should be a hot event, immediately go to Baidu search, but not a lot of relevant content. So immediately in a webmaster forum, two blog, published the article of the event. After a simple optimization.

forum article to the most important and most attractive content is set to reply to browse". While the two blog focusing words made bold, italic, and color to increase some settings. It was 10 o’clock in the evening, 2 hours after the time of 12 blog posts were Baidu and Google included. The two blog used by the is the of the 1 is 12 point X5DJ browsing for more than 1000 times ZOL browsing for more than 3000 times. The webmaster forum posts browse more than 800 times has reached a reply to the 3 page! Some of the results of the preliminary look to go to sleep!

second day is July 2nd 2 pm X5DJ hits has reached 11000 times, for 16000 times ZOL browsing, forum posts browse for 3000 Duoci reply to 8 pages! But there has been no mention is that I did not deliberately promote their website articles, they just want to do a keyword, I wrote is: "see the heroine photos please go to the QQ space" made their website links in the QQ space, even if it is for my QQ station brought more than 3 thousand IP. To 5 in the afternoon more than X5DJ browsing for the of the ZOL for the 19000 forum posts have been blocked out. At 8 pm X5DJ article is still browsing the ZOL article has been deleted for the second time (estimated to the 20 thousand time) to July 3rd this year, at

on the morning of 2 X5DJ articles have been deleted!

just a day in the time of popular events and blog to bring 5000IP traffic for their own website, and two blog flow up to 40 thousand times! But there is no reasonable use already flow of website promotion, imagine if intentionally make a connection for the site, such as "click to download the video" etc..

traffic conversion rate should be more than 80% so for their own site to bring 20 thousand IP should be small. Of course, this is not a good place to be unfriendly to the user, we point the connection is not so much to see the basic turn off the garbage can only be considered, and the impact on the site itself is not very good. But to be able to earn GG advertising, the day income 6 dollars more. If you don’t care about the website brand and reputation can use this method to do the promotion, every day tens of thousands of IP is possible.

forum posts no map before now only distributes two blog pictures before sending this popular event two blog traffic only 1000 times.

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