Three marketing highlights the NetEase ghost story comment

watched friends write on the user network marketing of the psychological one suddenly from the "ghost story" as I am concerned, because the author from a fan of online games to now have two years of time not to play, time spent at work and SEO aspects, of course this is that, by the observation of the NetEase "ghost story" game, there are a lot of marketing highlights.

we know many webmaster marketing charm, brings the effect is very prominent, but how to operate, how to operate, we will often be silly, the fragmentation of knowledge network era, we should observe and analysis, do more, talk less 11 words, the author from the "three see a Chinese ghost story" marketing highlights of the game for everyone to share.

highlights: all for the user’s point of view, which is the most basic and most direct marketing methods.

"ghost story" game object oriented is very popular, there is no single location, such as white-collar workers, office workers, college students, high school students, we in the game at the bottom of the screen can see the game for over 16 years in this game the game player, from where the body view of the user’s point of view there are four main points:

1, the traditional game is that few people can participate in closed beta, and it directly is to get a title "open the whole network of online", you can also participate in the show, in marketing is to draw the attention of others.

2, in the previous games, the game features need to understand a long time, and this is a game of NetEase as long as 5 minutes, see the page above pictorial.

3, registration will be able to receive the 1888 extreme package, some game player can be ready to try to.

4, there is a point in the memory of us, the general online games are very large, NetEase directly to a 10 minute.

more than four NetEase to do the analysis and in-depth understanding of the game player, the most needed points are shown, as long as we move to our marketing, from the user’s perspective, that is sure to succeed, mention Eslite this electricity supplier website here, in the traditional online shopping, 30 days no reason to return it is difficult to do, and Eslite will light up this brand, so this point is always our marketing of the road.

highlights two: brand endorsement, so you do not lose face, the name loud, so that you remember.

Chinese elegant facade, reciprocity, the big star Liu Yifei NetEase without demur, please do the brand endorsement, or a big beauty, all know that few women and Liu Yifei or game player, many male compatriots fairy sister, do not lose face, because this is also threatened, Why not?.

we all know that early version of ghost story let this group of 90 before the people left a deep impression, NetEase to enable the name >

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