E-commerce lipstick effect do you know how much

has implemented a company in twenty-first Century, it only needs a person, a computer and a telephone, it can completely replace a series of complex traditional sales process.

imagine, when you’re wearing pajamas, drinking cocktails, gently fingered hands when the mouse, a lot of money has been remitted into the account, this is how happy


and all of this we can not be attributed to the electronic commerce, it not only promote industrial chain upgrading, but also create enormous economic benefits: one is to reduce the production cost of the huge direct users; two is to speed up the rate of flow of goods, it is like water in the waterfall, to pour down like.

a person’s company, of course, but in the interests of the temptation to maximize the team more mainstream. It is for this reason, we have been committed to the promotion of network marketing, and strive to optimize the network marketing skills, in order to achieve zero cost, zero risk management. Here, I would like to introduce e-commerce lipstick effect".

The so-called

e-commerce "lipstick effect", refers to the economic downturn, the market demand greatly in traditional industries and atrophy; e-commerce has gone against the tide, then there may be a large demand effect.

e-commerce "lipstick effect" will effectively compensate for the bleak situation of traditional industries, and thus become the mainstream force in the field of circulation.

and with the growing popularity of the network, the traditional boss also has third eyes, see the market prospects of network marketing, have implemented a network mode, and achieved great success.

in Hongkong sharp Sheng International Group Limited company as an example, in the absence of contact network business model, the company’s monthly performance is most hundreds of thousands of calculation. Company founder Mr. He Wencai in contact with a chance to network marketing, from you know not to know a good deal, to fully understand, finally confirmed he made 180 degrees with the traditional business model determination. Although now in the economic crisis in the winter, but the application of electronic commerce in Hongkong sharp Sheng International Group Limited has always maintained a spring industry. Calculated monthly performance, millions of dollars per month.

no matter when the crisis in the end of winter, the bottom of the rebound in the industry is unlikely to cause a great impact on e-commerce. On the contrary, as more and more enterprises to join the ranks of e-commerce, large-scale demand will continue, it will be possible to make e-commerce has a more lasting spring.

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