B2B is also looking for a platform


TV advertising, for consumer company, has been the best means of communication. But for B2B, the number of customers and potential customers they face is limited, and the mass media is clearly inappropriate, so they are always looking for the best platform for communication and interaction.

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perhaps, B2B expect can be used to spread and interactive platform has emerged. International Facebook, Google+, twitter and other social media, as well as the domestic micro-blog, blog, Renren, etc., has aroused strong interest in B2B. Such as Alibaba (Alibaba), Lookchem (www.lookchem.com) and other companies have been quite active on the facebook.

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B2B need to do a good job of the user experience, but where can I hear the voice of the user? How do you know the user’s ideas and needs of each user to call the method is obviously too inefficient. However, the company has micro-blog, blog, companies can receive from micro-blog and blog platform for users of the enterprise or product message, this is a great opportunity to improve the user experience. Compared to the previous official website, users feel more intimate social media, more warm.


on the one hand, companies can be in social media on their products, services, company activities are well explained. On the other hand, before the user can only apply in their own B2B platform, in order to feel its effect, but now, users and users can communicate with each other, to explore the information of products or services. Everyone can see other users on the platform for the use of the product experience, you can also share their own experience and experience on the platform. Because things are shared by you, there must be something of value, which provides users with a reference value.


B2B itself is a platform, but now it is also the need for a media platform to achieve communication between enterprises and users, but now the media for B2B provides this feature. When the enterprise into the media platform and user interaction, they chose to face all the problems of the user at the same time, such as in the minds of users to establish a trusted image and brand!

social media, so that businesses and users across the boundaries of business, to become friends, become partners, communicate with each other, trust each other.

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