Huang Cong network marketing strategy skills (a) how to achieve sustainable


introduction: many people do network marketing at first, there is deviation of the concept of "marketing" understanding. In this paper, the author of the network marketing analyst Huang Conghui for everyone to explain exactly what is the network marketing, and how to make the network marketing can be sustained, long-term.

marketing concept

many people think: marketing is to sell things to customers, a buy and sell and then end, and network marketing is nothing more than the completion of this thing through the network.

In fact,

no, marketing refers to all the things you have done to promote their products. It’s from the day you started to set up the company, until you stop to stop the service for the customer, then the marketing is the end. Therefore, marketing is not a buy and sell, it is continuous, long.

Liu Keya (the father of Chinese Marketing) said: marketing is to continue to give customers new consumer opportunities, it is from the day that your product has started.

network marketing is a sustainable, long-term

smart marketers understand marketing secrets, and realized the network powerful marketing tool.

Taobao: as of December 31, 2008, Taobao registered members over 98 million people, covering the vast majority of China’s online shopping crowd in 2008 turnover of $99 billion 960 million, accounting for China’s online shopping market share of 80%. 2010 Taobao registered users reached 370 million, the number of online goods reached up to 800 million, up to the time of the day, 60 million people visit Taobao, with an average of about $48 thousand per minute.

Jingdong: at present, Jingdong mall has 20 million registered users, 1200 suppliers, orders processing capacity of more than 150 thousand single day, the site daily PV over 35 million.

can be seen from the above example, a successful network marketing planning must be sustainable, customers will continue to return to your site for consumption. Taobao, a Jingdong that they must each customer and build lasting relationships, their marketing is from the beginning to the customer, to enjoy high-quality products and services, these loyal customers continue to return to the end consumer.

network marketing, 80% of the profits from the continuous consumption of customers.

how to make network marketing can continue

as the author said, network marketing is to establish a sustained relationship with the customer on the network, which includes pre-sale, sale and after-sales service to provide customers.

1, pre-sales: quality products + to pay or free way to find accurate traffic.

2, sale: patience, responsible customer service + fast, secure payment.

3, after sales: it has become a chasing process, to customize personalized mail for everyone (>

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