What, venture companies show the lower limit is smart or stupid

In October 3rd a group of

models on the catwalk. But a blind people’s eyes, and this is what APP suspected of marketing activities is also known as "vulgar" and "no limit" attracted numerous Tucao, many commentary is a crusade against the wire devoting their "mean". Busy reading, curse also scolded, we think several questions why these startups so love show lower limit, they are all silly X? What is the limit show possible consequences? Show a lower limit, what is more important?

these two days, Ali Jingdong because of "one of two" hit "and" the problem of restless. In fact, there are many grass root atmosphere also do a rich handsome dream startups are always not open around the problem of "one of two" – is to flow or face? To the user or face? Is to brand or face? Of course, the following analysis are based on the current business environment the premise of impetuous distortion.

to answer this question, we first look at the two problems: first, entrepreneurial companies can make Niubi without vulgar marketing events in a large extent? Second, how much do you market marketing event


first, entrepreneurial companies can make Niubi without vulgar marketing events to what extent? If you want a high force and successful marketing event, at least I think there are several limitations: there can use pain points, and a good time can be an occasion, this is the day. Need is patience and time; ready to find the key or key channel, this is the place, the need is not high enough or money resources; organize Niubi planners and executors, creativity is very important, adjust the problems in the implementation of this is also very important, and need is the energy talent and the corresponding high money.

In the actual

many start-up companies, they have the time and patience? The Internet industry has always been the only fast break the creed, time, transient market is almost three months a cycle, especially the battle of O2O some time ago, in Rodeo turf, are no exception even this kind of giant BAT that small start-up companies can not afford. These startups have rich resources? In the burn war across the board starts rolling in the winter capital and atmosphere, giant gezonglianheng, small and medium-sized enterprises Baotuan heating, entrepreneurial companies have to tighten their belts for the winter, who have no money who is likely to fall, the actual experience, now many startups are also really did not dare to spend money in order to save costs, usually even office lights are not open, want to do marketing most often hear a word is best not to spend money! But painful is the hot tide of entrepreneurship is fattened advertising marketing industry, you did not see a media article at Jiwanshushiwan, want to do micro-blog not only high prices. The hot process is cumbersome to make you vomit blood, for many startups the price is not high. So, start-up companies have high energy talent? There are certainly yes, but more start-up companies in order to reduce the cost of recruiting a large number of

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