Willow portal three positioning tips to break monopoly spell

a, why to locate

a lot of webmasters think that SEO is just the ranking and flow of work, it is no wonder that many peers will feel from a low wage because SEO is not worth the money. Only do rankings and flow of SEOER in fact, after all, is just a technician, you do rankings and traffic again good, the lack of macro marketing strategy, you are still just a good technician. Selling technology value is not much money, venture capital is willing to chase the cast is a set of business models and operational strategies, rather than ranking technology. The business model is the core of the positioning".

"positioning" will determine what you choose to choose what industry, profit model, to establish what kind of style of the website, and even choose what keywords and choose what content, to understand, some of the later optimization process naturally clear.


site is not positioning, will be with headless flies without direction, no matter how hard it is, and will deviate from their goal of getting away.

two, positioning errors

1 positioning errors: what do

what is the end is nothing. Many webmaster is the heart is too big, want to do what, like what customers are taking into account, this is a fate, people think you are very professional, is a hodgepodge. We like to go to the hospital to find a specialist, love, if a doctor told you, he looks at a department of gynaecology, and male, and medicine, and surgery, and pediatric, and traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine has, also engage in anatomy laboratory, you dare to go to see him. What to do is the end of the two is not doing anything, because the energy is very limited, and some even do not do a good job, and how to take into account so many industries.

cite a case: now referred to the phone, we think of the first brand is what? – NOKIA. NOKIA now all can beat Motorola to become the first brand of mobile phone or depending on his positioning.

do you know what NOKIA was originally doing, of course, do the phone, but the phone is only one of his 13 diversified industries. Before 1992, NOKIA is doing what they are, papermaking, rubber, mechanical property, and cable, communication and so on, the Finns think NOKIA only think of childhood cotton rubber boots, did not think of mobile phone.

But in 1992

, NOKIA changed his strategy, will be deleted from the company a lot of diversified industrial business, only communication equipment, will be 90% of the funds and manpower are devoted to a communication, the achievements of NOKIA.

positioning is the core of "segmentation" and "focus", but also the trend of the current vertical strategy".

Misunderstanding two: copy

positioning positioning

copy others

China’s Internet to make a little achievement is very easy, one of the easiest way

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