Wang Yongtong share a Tanabata Valentine’s day marketing case

Wang Yongtong: sharing a Tanabata Valentine’s day marketing case

August 16, 2010 is the Qixi Festival our lovely Valentine’s day, as a webmaster we must have smelled this big cake. How to make their own site also have a good time in this holiday? I share a Valentine’s Day Valentine’s day marketing case, we hope to be able to inspire.

cited content:

below for the reference:

Xiamen ask the Qixi Festival Valentine’s Day activities free of charge Q money!! don’t come to


active object:

1, active member total score > =77;

2, the number of active members of the total number of questions is greater than 3 and the total number of answers greater than 10!

3, you need to publish this activity as QQ space log.

4, activity reply URL: Question/view/9990.html

activity rules are as follows:

1, the Qixi Festival lucky prize: members have a chance to get back 1000 points before 100 (10 coins).

2, the Qixi Festival Master Award: top three reply 100% members get 500 points (5 coins).

3, Tanabata Participation Award: the top ten members get a reply of 100 points (1Q).

4, the Qixi Festival Valentine Award: reply floors mantissa is 7 members, 100% get 777 points (7 coins).

5, the event since the date of the publication of the release, the end of the event for the lunar new year at 23:59 on July 7th 59 seconds.

Tanabata Valentine’s Day activity reply format:


Xiamen ask member ID:

Tanabata activities member QQ:

Tanabata activities members of the total number of questions:

The Qixi Festival

total return answer:

membership activities

Tanabata activities members total points:

Tanabata activities QQ space log URL:

Tanabata blessing:


note: the above activities are not repeated reward, according to the highest award.

actually this >

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