Classification information website do stand promotion experience sharing

in recent years has been doing computer hardware maintenance. At the beginning of last September, suddenly have their own want to do what to think of a store to do the products, investment is large, the risk is not small, so I want to try, whether the first pot of gold through the network to realize my life this way, looking for projects on the Internet, I can say that some fate and classification of information station.

was classified information website nationwide more, there are 58 well-known list, network and now I do have other feibook, but not what impression, only I do now Feige, joining fee less (10 thousand dollars, and a little less compared to other stations) in my personal capacity I think, this site does not have a problem of agency. Before this, I don’t understand the network, took over the site, according to the corporate guidelines, enrich website content, add the rent, buy or sell a house, car, friends, all kinds of information such as recruitment and so, their daily work is to release some of the supply and demand information, then go to the local station to propagandize their website.

adhere to 2 months or so, basically no effect. After reflection, feel or propaganda is not in place. I have seen a lot of sites on the Internet to promote the program, no money has been used in the way, the next step is to prepare a small investment to do publicity. Begin on the site, the hotel (these are connections bring friends, hotel, and Internet cafes are acquaintances) posters in the cafe, leaflets and name card in the hotel, in the newspaper advertisement playing board, collection of businesses, a month or so, traffic also has really come, but compared to my predecessors station station flow less. Collection of businesses, I do not forget to do a text message to them, to promote their own business, so this method does not recommend the use of new friends. After the adoption of this method of publicity, website traffic is up, the amount of information at least have, almost every day, users publish information, that profits when started, you can find businesses talk about advertising, because this is the first time to contact with the network, in my opinion, as long as the website publicity in place, we all know that there is you will have your business in the station, station hanging advertising, but my idea was soon hit by some people think, still lack a lot of publicity.

wants to continue according to what they have used to promote the site, but the headquarters came the news website, a comprehensive revision upgrades, during this period the server is not stable, the site may have when not open news comes true, I will collapse a station almost every two or three days. Until mid April this year, and finally restored the stability of the situation, but at this time the site traffic has declined more ruthless, down to almost no daily visit. My kind of spirit is disintegrating. But did not lose confidence, still in accordance with the previous promotion way to do. Later, the replacement of some of the station’s connection, the old link replaced. Later, most of the links are the city’s forum, I would like to compare the general popularity of the forum, this is a good thing for me. But I still very low flow rate. The thought of their own promotion "

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