Wuhan General Assembly documentary King personal website of the road to make money

next to the appearance of the guests I think a lot of webmaster friends are very familiar with,

"happy world, there is no slope, now difficult, is a small package" in the future before the summit of


is not happy, have a rest, give the family a telephone call to the site"


refresh each webmaster nets, you can see the title of the incentive bar, the founder of the webmaster network should be very warm, happy to share.

he is Zhang Zhengjun, called graph king, known as the most generous webmaster.

though living in Jiangsu City, but he depends on his own site and sincere people, and he often helps the same webmaster grow, make him become rather charismatic figure.

below is the king of Zhang Zhengjun for us to bring the "personal website of the road to make money," to share!


webmaster net king made a speech on the conference site, and the webmaster and share the successful experience. In his speech, said: the thought of graph king will do less talk with eloquence. Figure Wang said: China is about 1 million 500 thousand of the owners, while the monthly income of more than 10000 yuan is only 20 thousand, while the monthly income of less than $1 million 300 thousand for the owners of 100 yuan. 80% of personal Adsense rely on advertising alliance, GG, Baidu, Ali mother. About 10% of the sites rely on membership and services to make a profit, and about 5% of e-commerce sites try to sell. The future of the most promising major development model, it should be e-commerce. Rely on the life of the webmaster ecology is not normal. In the next three to five years, should be a transition point of profitability. The webmaster should analyze the single page traffic, not all hang one. Protect the error page, delete the page traffic. And hope that the Chinese webmaster and network alliance do a good job.

live record:

      dear friends, everybody, everybody. I am the master network graph king, we interviewed and ongoing station stationmaster net difference is in one, is a station, a station network word a word, composed of all the participants of our website to do something up. It’s a great pleasure to share some of the experience of making money online. In fact, the real network to make money, the most profitable is where? Not Beijing, not Shanghai, Guangzhou is not the webmaster, but the owners of Wuhan. I don’t mean to brag or flatter my friends in Wuhan. Two years ago, we know the biggest game station Dudu, sky software download stations, the largest, is also in Wuhan, the largest free movie and entertainment station tk4479 8 zhao99 and a number of grassroots expert, so in Wuhan so many leather owners sake, we are not talking about money, we just share some experience. Today is divided into three small headlines, the first is a simple point of view of the current personal website profit model. Second, I talk about these years to make money a little experience. Final total >

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