At present, the development of domestic personal website

      first, to analyze the current web site, there are the following characteristics:

      home is almost exactly the same, are all kinds of links, just be included. There is almost no chance arranged to the home page, some web site owners launched in the home short-term recommended for you, but for a long time, is submerged in a large number in the URL, the viewer is hard to find you the web site.

      some web site requires a link must be able to be included. This is not fair! Web site has not been sent to the site to bring much traffic! Because from thousands of Web sites, so that you can not stand out, the home page can not be displayed, because the home page has occupied the site of the famous domestic. For the collection of the webmaster, if you log on to a web site, on the home page to do a link, a long time, the home page will not be able to read, all links to the site. The webmaster will delete some web site links, or simply do not add. For web site, it will lose the opportunity to reality in other sites! Neither side is satisfied!!

      under such circumstances there is a strange imagination, in the forum, web site owners said is to close the site, we have posted their herd, web site, web site to see whether or not included, accept, and not very concerned about. For web site owners, if you go to the collection, on their own fill in the URL, it is very tired, say, will not add their own links, although in the description of the requirements must be added, do not add no way! Do not go to include? Web site does not go to the site, also lost his meaning! In the end, only to close the station, or for other content!

      finally, it seems to draw a conclusion! Now the site is not good to do! How did the previous URL stand such a chance! Now the opportunity is not it? In fact, we can analyze them on the road to success, at the time of the Internet, how many webmaster, how many will use search engine, now some stations do not know the address, so only with the help of Web site, the web site is the product of the early period, he help you understand to the site help, we quickly find information station, also with it, for the promotion! Mutual benefit!

      then the current web site there is a way out? But also from the early web site to recapture the browser? We should be clear First impressions are strongest! For individuals to do web site, there is no strength to compete! If you want to exist, you have to change your mind! Since ordinary visitors, some people have their own personal website, then should also face these visitors. So that ordinary users are willing to go, but also let the personal station owners willing!

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