Tomato garden author Hong Lei transformation must not go the old way of piracy


tomato garden modified version of the Windows XP author Hong Lei (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lei Jianping) September 23rd news, has been in the network world fame author Hong Lei tomato garden has been quietly out of jail, and in the future in the Tencent today revealed micro interview, said the future transformation is inevitable, certainly not to walk the old pirate.

data show that the tomato garden website was established in May 2004, mainly to provide pirated software download services such as XP. As a college student, Hong Lei successfully cracked Microsoft XP, the price of the software for free lunch for people to download, for a time, Hong Lei and his "tomato garden" in the online world very influential.

however, in June 2008, on behalf of the United States, Microsoft, Oracle and other giants of commercial software alliance representatives to the national copyright administration and the Ministry of public security complaints. Tomato garden case four defendants were sentenced to a fine of $11 million. Hong Lei was sentenced to three and a half years in prison and a fine of $1 million.


author Hong Lei tomato garden to answer users’ questions (Tencent technology plan)

in recent years in Hong Lei, iPhone and Google Andriod platform makes the Internet morphogenesis turn the world upside down change, Microsoft operating system has entered the era of Windows 7, and Windows 8 is also soon to come, that he can not help but sigh: "just a few days back, change a good big ah, what to learn otherwise, left behind."

apparently, Hong Lei has been reluctant to go the old way of piracy. He said that his transformation is inevitable, although domestic piracy and copyright protection, but a lot of people awareness, plus software prices, more and more people support genuine, China software industry can develop. In addition, the state of software copyright is also more and more attention.

Hong Lei said that the current smart phone is fire, which may be the future direction of their own development. In his view, three years of prison time to make their own access to information is blocked, it is necessary to learn the lessons of the past, and strengthen learning. Although the outside world is very concerned about the dynamics of his release, Hong Lei said that he is actually a very ordinary person, but I hope to find a suitable job in Suzhou, can play a specialty, to create their own value.

it is worth noting that Hong Lei’s ability to learn, released shortly after the release of several major portals of micro-blog, and micro-blog issued by the sound. His tomato forum has been open, the relevant plate planning is being adjusted.

is the following interactive record:

Hong Lei: Hello everyone, I just came back a few days, was not careful to be concerned about, in fact, I am also very ordinary people, love the computer network in this respect, I

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