The first 2009 Chinese network show the official broadcast

Brief introduction of

network Spring Festival: the Spring Festival Gala is the first network Chinese Internet users own the "spring", is worth a visit; it will eventually show to include comic, magic, sing songs, dance, martial arts, Chinese musical instruments more than and 30 wonderful programs. In addition, the animation host, funny short film, special effects to join the audio network will also become the network Spring Festival Gala is different from other spring festival gala’s unique bright spot, for everyone to bring a different feeling. The gala by the cool 6 network, PPLive, storm, Admin5, Yanhuang network stationmaster net, Chinese station, the laggards seven domestic websites jointly Co, and received special support Huayin network, China, Helen piano guitar, please pay attention to


is a live webcast of the 2009 Spring Festival Gala, thank you for watching


read all the program after the vote, choose the most love the show, will have the opportunity to hit the jackpot! (see video, please click the link below to address the gala topics:


below is the current network Spring Festival Gala Guide:

1, cartoon presided over the audience, crosstalk show kicked off

the network Spring Festival by the starry piano nets LOGO cartoon cow bear, LOGO coincided with the year of the ox and the cow starry starry night, so to LOGO cattle as the Spring Festival Gala hosted, and the men and women were named cartoon stars and night, meaning the starry piano nets.

from the beginning of the opening party, presided over the two will be modelled on the CCTV News Network hosted the strict form of faceless, but in the subsequent first performances in two and will suddenly become a comic actor, started the first spring festival gala. During the broadcast, two host in different ways to start or funny or serious then leads to the wonderful programs, for everyone to the party, the host will replace the three sets of clothing, their language, image and clothing are worth looking forward to.

2, the 8 section of the funny film to promote the Spring Festival evening funny atmosphere

the Spring Festival, a total of 8 FLASH customers with their customers from all these network selection to choose to appear in numerous live performances, will bring you relaxed effects is not the same. The 8 film "the piano" animal, "journey to the west, gentle girl", "hand" and other programs are located in 6, 8, 11, 18, 23, 26, 29, 31, interested friends can pay special attention to watch.

3, warmth of the Spring Festival evening warming index

program 10 – sing songs "Edelweiss" brought by a warm family of three, through the song.

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