Home Furnishing nternet business transformation a new mode of looking for business

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Xie Jiating) electricity supplier in changing people’s spending habits, but also to the enterprise how to use the new challenges of the electricity supplier. Traditional stores under the line is trying to cooperate with the online business platform, such as Jimei Home Furnishing announced in August 19th and I love my family alliance, with 3300 square meters of land for I love my family opened the museum experience; online and offline terminal enterprises also seek direct docking, such as Sina Locke launched in August 28th, WeChat decoration day, integrate brand, breakthrough sales field. This means that the electricity supplier to seek a new model has become a household business imperative.

traditional home stores do not cooperate with the electricity supplier is to die, Jimei home has been on the road with the electricity supplier to explore effective." August 19th, Zhao Jianguo, President of Jimei announced a one-stop home building vertical home appliance business platform I love my family to carry out strategic cooperation, not a simple rental relationship, but a new exploration of the home industry electricity supplier model. I love my home network general manager Ma Ziqiang said, will open 3300 square meter museum in Jimei Home Furnishing shop in Dahongmen, in addition to all of the virtual model room display, to create a real life scene, but also extensive use of network technology, combine the real experience and network experience, allowing consumers to fully participate in the furniture, personally on the scene, building materials, the Home Furnishing collocation and combination, to achieve online and offline interaction, "Home Furnishing products must be experience in sales, we will use a large database of intelligence related sales, customer push co.".

if Jimei I love my family to open museum experience is the next line of traditional stores in actively seeking interaction with online electricity providers, so Sina Locke made a WeChat decoration, integrate brand into the area of sales, is the enterprise online and offline terminal in efforts to seek docking. In August 28th third WeChat purchase season and the first WeChat decoration Festival, Sina Locke will be teaming up with the National hundreds of well-known brand launched Home Furnishing billion special building materials, furniture, household appliances and other products, will also be sending tens of millions of dollars of gifts and WeChat red, will Home Furnishing industry into the era of mobile marketing.

Jimei shop alliance online companies and Sina’s production line under the fusion line, which means that the household business is actively seeking electricity supplier innovation model. In this regard, Beijing Furniture Industry Association vice president and Secretary General Yu Xiusu said, "Home Furnishing industry does not have a good example of the electricity supplier, are currently in the stage of exploration, but the business is a big trend, the traditional enterprise and business combination have development prospects".

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