Beijing online shopping milk flashing red light merchants say across the board too hasty

industry and Commerce Department believes that online shopping is not conducive to the supervision of milk powder, the merchant said that across the board too hasty

the shop is one of the important channels for consumers to buy a lot of milk. However, in the newly revised "Beijing food safety regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") supporting the specification, the shop is defined as "non store sales Yetai, dairy products are not included in the non store sales Yetai business license project this means that, after the implementation of the Ordinance in April 1st this year, Beijing will be banned from selling milk shop.

Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce in accordance with the regulations drafted the Beijing food circulation license management approach (Draft) and three supporting norms, from February 25th began to seek advice on the official website. In accordance with the provisions of the relevant provisions of the Beijing classification of food circulation permit management standards (Draft), the shop and other shop sales format will not allow the operation of bulk food. In addition, Nandu reporter access standards, non store sales management project approved for pre packaged food, does not include dairy products, in other words, in theory, after the implementation of the new regulations, shop and other non store sales format will not be selling dairy products, including milk powder. This caused a great disturbance in the industry.

dairy single net sales of milk powder is not encouraged

statistics show that the current milk sales in Beijing City, with nearly 2/5 through electricity supplier channels, electricity supplier industry renowned observers Lu Zhenwang told reporters in Nandu, the milk to go electronic commerce is to represent the general trend, most of the milk companies have different degrees of "electric shock", in addition, a large brand of milk has a very high permeability.

in addition, the flow of productivity promotion center of Nandu dairy industry researcher Song Liang told reporters that at present many new brands of dairy products mainly include the shop, with the help of network marketing and sales channels, the reason is that, through the shop, can greatly reduce the sales cycle, thereby reducing the cost of sales, as a result, these new brands of dairy products the low price to attract consumers.

has no wish to be named milk traders refer to previously applied for a business license, milk powder is included in the pre packaged food items, but the trade and Industry Bureau checks will be much more stringent than other categories of food. The Beijing municipal food safety regulations and standards with a big difference in the past, is set out in dairy products alone, and is not included in the approved business shop in this project, the first show that Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau does not encourage shop selling milk and other dairy products, and if the shop without selling milk, may because of "beyond the scope of sales is the business department, but from the current national sales experience, the country for the degree of tightness is beyond the scope of sales, and the newly revised regulations has not been implemented, there may be variable, so now even practitioners, can not say what time the city of Beijing let the local shop selling milk powder.

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