This online registration platform has become the most valuable start-up companies in New York

AbstractZocDoc provides physicians and online booking services for 5 million people per month.


Tencent Francisco June 18th message, online doctor appointment platform ZocDoc has now become the new king of New York start-ups in the circle "".

ZocDoc was founded in 2007, the company aims to help patients find and make appointments online through mobile devices. According to the relevant documents disclosed by the end of May, the new company recently raised $150 million, the market valuation of about $1 billion 500 million.

, however, the company did not disclose the latest round of financing investors. According to documents, in the D round of financing, ZocDoc sold at $28.22 per share price of $5 million 410 thousand, the amount of financing reached $151 million 200 thousand.

according to data released by market research firm CB Insights, the current market valuation of ZocDoc has more than $1 billion 200 million of big data companies MongoDB, New York’s highest value to become a start-up.

now, hedge funds, private Holdings Company and mutual fund with hitherto unknown enthusiasm to invest in private technology enterprises, resulting in a lot of money into the Internet and mobile services start-up companies, and these companies have access to the best since the Internet bubble development opportunity.


New York is proud to attract investment and start-ups, such as light Tumblr blog to $1 billion 100 million sale to YAHOO, social marketing platform Buddy Media was acquired by, but this world famous metropolis in attracting capital levels are still significantly behind in Silicon Valley. In the first quarter of this year, almost half of the country’s capital flows to Silicon Valley, while New York’s companies earn only 10% of the total, according to the Association (National Venture Capital).

ZocDoc operates a network of business and business software covering two hot industries. Individuals are free to use the services provided by the company, and the doctor wants to join the ZocDoc, each person needs to pay $3000 per year.

According to the data provided by the company, currently in more than 2 thousand cities in the United States, more than 5 million people use their services every month,


is a foreign short rental website Airbnb help landlords rent spare rooms and private taxi applications Uber help cars as the main showmanship, ZocDoc can also help doctors to ensure that a sufficient number of patients, but the situation does not appear overcrowded. All in all, do people do their best, not to waste of resources. Currently, the market valuation of Airbnb and Uber reached $10 billion and $17 billion. (Eru)

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